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Behavioral change consulting for exceptional organizational safety & reliability

Behavior-Based Safety Tool

DEKRA Adaptive BBS™ to Replace RINCON®

Did you know full support of RINCON® ends August 31st, 2019?

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How do you create a Culture of Care?

Care is not just about caring for people; it’s about caring for processes and procedures. It’s about caring for your workplace and the equipment you use on a daily basis.

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Organizational Safety and Reliability

Our consultants know that people are at the heart of organizational performance. Employee engagements, behaviors, decision making and leadership are, in fact, its key ingredients. They are the driver of change when companies seek to improve safety performance, overall organizational reliability and achieve operational excellence. While management systems and programs provide a necessary safety framework, they cannot deliver tangible outcomes without a corporate culture centered on safety.

Our consulting services feature close collaboration with our clients to change the behaviors and decision-making processes that have the biggest impact on major accident prevention. Our consultants help you select from a wide range of assessments using proven safety metrics to measure current safety culture and leadership efficacy. We work hand in glove with you to devise an effective safety strategy and investigate near misses. Our training courses and interactive workshops support these efforts, engaging employees at all levels and in meaningful ways and empowering them to build a safer, more reliable organization.

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