International Type Approval (wireless)

International Product Certification for Wireless Technologies

DEKRA’s international type approval experts help customers to get the wireless technologies in their products approved for global business.

About International Type Approval (wireless)

Approval regulations can vary considerably from one county to another, which makes the product certification process a complex task. Some EU countries, for example, share the same approval scheme, whereas others work with their own processes and guidelines. It is difficult enough to know all of them, let alone to keep up with the latest changes.
For DEKRA’s compliance team, tracking all the applicable approval changes to meet a particular country’s regulations and standards is part of their day-to-day work. Our knowledgeable experts help you to plan your international approval campaigns, managing approval campaigns on a global scale, working closely with an experienced network of local compliance partners (e.g. authorities, test laboratories, approval bodies and engineers) making all the necessary preparations in order to gain a competitive edge.
DEKRA’s International Type Approval (wireless) services offer customers the following benefits:
  • Internationally recognized: An internationally recognized and respected player with extensive experience
  • Technical approval expertise: Competent team of dedicated experts with many years of technical approval expertise
  • Global network: We offer a global network of long-standing partnerships and a multilingual staff, helping customers to get their products ready for business virtually anywhere in the world
  • Regulatory and approvals database: Customer-oriented and fully functional regulatory and approvals database
Thanks to our long-established worldwide presence and close relationships with in-country partners such as local tests laboratories, approval bodies, authorities and local engineers among others, helping us to speed up the certification process, DEKRA handles approvals in over 200 countries or territories, covering all type of telecommunications devices (GSM/GPRS/ HSPA/ UMTS/ LTE™, LTE-A/ Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, RFID, NFC, LoRa, Airfuel, ULE, Sigfox, AllJoyn, MirrorLink).