Technical advisory of Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Offering Technical Advice on Machinery and Industrial Equipment

DEKRA has world class expertise in providing customers with comprehensive support covering all aspects of machinery and industrial lifting equipment safety and compliance. Our specialized inspection personnel can advise your team in questions regarding the management of your machinery and industrial lifting equipment inspection activities.

About Technical Advisory for Machinery and Lifting Equipment

The extensive knowledge and experience about machinery and industrial lifting equipment processes of our DEKRA experts, makes DEKRA a professional and trusted advisor in this field. DEKRA specialists provide you with comprehensive technical support on all phases of machinery and industrial lifting equipment inspection: whether it is technical advisory on machinery and industrial lifting equipment, analysis and evaluation of the status quo or the development of customer specific solutions.
Our customers benefit from the experience and competence of DEKRA’s experts for their own projects and solutions. They are fully informed about any potential problems they may face in future inspections or with the foreseen use of any machinery and industrial lifting equipment.
DEKRA’s technical advisory services are done as 2nd party and encompass advisory for:
  • Suitability of machinery, devices and industrial lifting equipment
  • Regulations and standards for design, installation and operation
  • Risk assessment according to the Machinery Directive
  • Modifications and lifetime
  • Design of work processes or industrial buildings
  • Technical documentation, manuals, instructions
  • Technical advisory for design process and design tools, including a design review
  • Advisory for organization of maintenance process and optimization including railway vehicles
  • Advisory for technical standards with a special solution or situation on site including advisory for hazard assessment implemented by the owner or operator
  • On site consultation
  • Increasing work safety while using and maintenance of industrial equipment and construction machinery by technical measures and instructions
Our machinery and industrial lifting equipment inspection experts are familiar with all common inspection and conformity assessment services as they are defined by European directives or national regulations and can offer you further advice including:
  • Education and trainings
  • Technical consultancy for legal regulations and standards
  • Technical consultancy for workflows and processes
  • Technical consulting for accepted design solutions
  • Technical consulting for data management of your machinery and processes as well as on remote management