Political Representation

Lobbying through our Group representations

Decision-makers, organizations and authorities value DEKRA as a trusted partner at international, European, national and regional level. Thanks to our independent expertise as a globally operating company, we support sustainable policy choices.
Our Group representations in Brussels and Berlin enable us to position ourselves as a constructive partner for initiatives with high societal value. In addition to the Group representations in Brussels and Berlin, our Technical Affairs department represents our interests regarding technological matters.
DEKRA actively participates in the activities of numerous associations such as the TIC Council , CITA , CIECA , ERTICO and DVF .
    As a global group with European roots, DEKRA has a major interest in knowledge-based regulation at international and European level. For instance, we bring expertise to the table regarding the internal market of the EU or the achievement of climate objectives.
    Therefore, the Group representation in Brussels has advocated for DEKRA’s international and European interests since 1991. On the one hand, the representation is entrusted with the advocacy of international interests. On the other hand, it represents the interests of our Group towards the institutions of the European Union. As 80% of business-related policy decisions in Europe are made in Brussels, the representation plays a pivotal role.
    Based on position papers, expert discussions and events, we create a constructive framework for targeted exchange between the representatives of our Group and various societal, business and policy stakeholders.