Remarketing Consultancy for Fleets

Consultancy on Commercial Policy, Sales and Remarketing of Used Vehicles

The performance of used vehicle sales strongly impacts the profitability of vehicle manufacturers, short-term rental companies, long-term leasers and other players in mobility.

That’s why fleet managers rely on DEKRA and their experts’ significant experience in used vehicle remarketing and, consequently, their capacity to assist their clients in defining their commercial policy.

About Remarketing Consultancy Services for Fleets

DEKRA’s experts advise customers on the commercial policies, promotions and adjustments of their used vehicle remarketing in order to optimize stock rotation and residual value.
The benefits to our customers from our end of term and remarketing consultancy fleet services include:
  • Annual commercial policy
  • Monthly marketing action plan
  • Loyalty programs
  • Data analytics

Commercial policy

DEKRA’s consultants help our customers to define their used vehicle strategy. To be efficient and reach targets in the remarketing area, a deep assessment of results and a large scope analysis of the used vehicle activity are mandatory each year to define or adjust the strategy. Our consulting service proposes a yearly approach based on two axels:
  • Providing an overall analysis of the activity
  • Stock and sales realization versus forecast
  • Network and extra network sales activity
  • Resale performance per product
From this analysis, our experts provide recommendations to customers in order for all decisions, actions and orientations to tend towards better results in the following areas:
  • Forecast on volume, mix products, in-fleet/de-fleet scheduling
  • Global policy and estimative yearly channel plan
  • Relationship and organization change proposal: pricing construction, fidelity program, commercial communication, purchasing process, financing, sales administration
  • Main orientations for the following year ahead
The benefits to our customers from our commercial policy services include:
  • Strongly experienced partner
  • Structured, results-oriented know-how
  • An exhaustive and objective view on your remarketing activity

Sales campaigns

DEKRA’s consultants help our customers to reach their used vehicle B2B sales and budget targets with the help of our remarketing experts. Sales campaigns exist for vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies who want to be accompanied by remarketing experts to define their monthly used vehicle remarketing tactics.
Our consultants ensure that customers start the month with marketing and commercial actions that fit perfectly with their targets and we always propose a monthly face-to-face meeting in order to:
  • Analyze the monthly KPI business: stock, ageing, sales, stock versus sales, sales support, residual values to identify poor performance and stock issues
  • Recommend a commercial action plan to accelerate stock rotation to reach monthly target
  • When the commercial action plan is validated, we can take charge of all commercial communications and sales actions

Sales channel development

With the growth of buy back activity, the purchasing capacity of the brand network can be saturated. That’s why car manufacturers need to organize and master their business in complementary buyer channels.
DEKRA offers specialized consulting services that enable our customers to define their used vehicles remarketing strategy and we have developed a particular expertise in sales channel development dedicated to the sale of over 550,000 used vehicles in Europe each year.
Our consultants ensure that our customers cover the following:
  • Analyzing the sales data to identify the priority sales channels that propose the best balance between used vehicle sales volume, sales speed and residual value regarding the typologies of used vehicles
  • Identifying the secondary sales channels that can absorb additional volumes of used vehicles: cross-border sales, affinity sales, auction companies, local or international traders and others
  • Defining the business policy and processes to sale for used vehicles to the secondary sales channels while respecting the partnership agreements made with the primary sales channels
  • Administrating our IT system named Starfleet and processes to adapt with reactivity to used vehicle offers to the most adapted sales channels in accordance with the previous criteria