Loss Adjusting Property

We Provide Remote or On-Site Assessment of a Property Related Damage

Accurate assessment is crucial to determining the value of any property-related damage to ensure the appropriate compensation for any insurance claim. DEKRA loss adjustors work using the latest methods and digital technologies to precisely investigate and evaluate actual damage to reassure insurance companies that claims are legitimate and fair.

About Loss Adjusting Property

DEKRA’s experienced and independent property loss adjusting specialists offer our customers an independent, globally uniform service in property according to national law, for business and private products. Loss adjusting in the property insurance industry involves the assessment of a property-related damage on-site by our specialized experts that may include circumstance investigation.
From simple household damage through to complex plant demolitions and liability claims, DEKRA’s professionals offer top quality services in the property insurance sector. And our use of the latest innovative tools and digital technologies ensures that we keep our key customer promise. Plus, with our planning software we guarantee that there is an experienced loss adjuster at your customer within the shortest time possible.