Design Review for Enhanced Fire Safety

Ensuring Safety Standards with Expert Fire Protection Design Reviews

At DEKRA, we understand the critical importance of fire protection in safeguarding your assets and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our expert-driven design review services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects, providing comprehensive assessments to mitigate risks and elevate safety standards from inception to completion.

DEKRA for Comprehensive Fire Safety:

Partner with us for thorough compliance checks that elevate safety standards and fortify your projects against fire hazards. Our services cover a range of specialized areas, including:
  • Passive Fire Protection: Draft and review mandatory structural fire protection concepts, offering technical advisory on building fire safety.
  • Fire Protection & Alarm Systems: Conduct design reviews of fire protection systems to ensure robustness and effectiveness.
  • Smoke Extraction & Displacement Systems: Assess smoke extraction and protection pressure systems to enhance fire safety measures.
Trust DEKRA for expert-driven design reviews that ensure compliance, enhance safety, and mitigate fire risks in your projects.