Efficiency measurement of Machinery and Equipment

Measuring the Machine and Equipment Efficiency

DEKRA assists manufacturers by providing a wide range of efficiency measurement services for machinery and equipment. DEKRA is accredited to carry out such work in many countries around the world.

About Efficiency Measurement of Machinery and Equipment

With our comprehensive know-how and many years of practical experience, DEKRA’s experts are qualified to offer support in efficiency measurement for machinery and equipment. Our customers benefit from the experience and competence of DEKRA’s experts for their own projects and solutions. They are pre-informed about any potential problems they would have in later inspections or from any foreseen use of their equipment.
For certain industrial sectors, the energy bill represents up to 15% of the total production costs. Therefore, reducing energy consumption of machinery and equipment is a lever for competitiveness. DEKRA also offers energy audits as part of our services for efficiency measurements of machinery and equipment.
The Efficiency Measurement is done as a 2nd party and can include a lot of different measurements and aspects, including:
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Efficiency of a single equipment or machine
  • Prognoses of impact by changing selected equipment within one production line or work flow
  • Energy efficiency and advisory for a machinery park within one production line