Evaluation Measurement of Wind Turbines and Solar Sites

Power Measurement and Sites Evaluation of Green Energy

DEKRA assists our customers with power measurements to evaluate potential efficiency of green energy solar and wind power plants.

About Evaluation Measurement

As renewable energy technology continues to advance and grow in popularity, wind farms as well as solar power plants are becoming increasingly common. DEKRA provides inspection services for wind farms and solar power plants at all stages of the project.
DEKRA’s specialists help our customers at every stage, from assistance in choosing the right place for the installation of the equipment and its specification according to natural conditions on the site through to the inspections carried out during the operation of the facilities.
DEKRAs inspectors extensive knowledge and the specific equipment used for qualifying a site allows us to meet every requirement set by customers, including project management of the different stakeholders for specific measurement equipment.
DEKRA provides the following services for evaluation of green energy power plants (solar, wind) sites:
  • Measurement & Advisory to qualify a site as suitable for wind farm project
  • Measurement & Advisory to qualify a site as suitable for solar plant project
  • Providing the equipment used for data collection and measurements
  • Evaluation of measurement data & experts assistance
  • Support in your project
  • Enables OEMs to select the best equipment configuration for your site based on data
DEKRA provides the following services related to green energy power plants (solar, wind) sites:
  • Inspection of commissioning
  • Fire Protection Advisory
  • Periodic inspections
  • Warranty acceptance
  • Condition-orientated inspections
  • Damage assessment, expert opinions & measurements
  • Drone inspections of tower structure & blades, Gearbox inspection
  • Support in your project planning of wind farms and EHS-advisory
  • Project Monitoring
  • Due Diligence