Two warehouse employees walking in a warehouse
Transport and Logistics Training

Ensuring safe and appropriate movement and storage of goods in transit

Transport and Logistics Training

Safeguarding cargo during transport, warehousing and delivery plays a central role in the global economy of complex supply chains. DEKRA provides training in best practices and regulatory standards for transportation and warehouse professionals.

Safely transporting and properly storing diverse products during the shipping process is key to supporting intricate chains of suppliers serving industrial customers and demanding consumers around the world. DEKRA training and e-learning services focus on the issues facing transportation and logistics companies as well as professional drivers and warehouse staff. Designed to help you succeed in the heavily regulated sector, our customizable transport and logistics courses provide the insight and instruction you need to ensure the secure, legal and reliable movement of goods as well as the safe, appropriate and documented storage of cross-industry product.
Make sure you’re operating safely and responsibly with our recognized training!