Lightning Protection

Ensure compliance with the safety requirements of your Lightning Protection System - LPS

DEKRA is a leading global provider of Lightning Protection System (LPS) inspections. In many countries, DEKRA operates with specially authorized electrical inspectors to carry out Risk analysis, technical study, initial inspections, and periodic inspections of your Lightning Protection System.

About the lightning protection

Every year, thousands of accidents worldwide are caused by lightning’s direct or indirect effects. Figures show that 25% of industries are struck at least once every five years. Many public authorities have therefore imposed specific regulations.
As a major player in risk prevention in France, DEKRA meets the needs of the operator concerning the regulatory compliance of his installation to protect it against the effects of lightning by offering the following missions:
    The lightning risk assessment is based on an evaluation of the risk of damage that may be caused to property and the public as a result of a lightning strike. It’s conducted in accordance with EN 62305-2 (“Lightning Protection - Part 2 Risk Assessment”). The purpose of the lightning risk assessment is to accurately define the property to be protected and to maintain the necessary levels of protection for the installations and the continuing compliance with our technical study.