Technical Advisory Services on Environmental Pollution, Storage Equipment & Pipelines

Providing Recommendations Leading to Conformity and/or Efficiency Recovery

DEKRA’s experts offer customers a wide range of technical support, advice, training and quality assurance services related to environmental pollution, storage equipment and pipelines in industrial plants and buildings.

About Technical Advisory Services on Environment-Related Equipment

DEKRA provides a wide range of technical advisories related to environmental pollution, storage equipment and pipelines in the workplace, helping customers to remedy any environmental issues, to mitigate impacts on brand and to ensure the protection of our environment. For Storage Equipment this advisory concerns as well the project planning phase, environmental impacts & permissions. We provide technical advisories in the fields of soils, surface water and groundwater, noise and sounds, wind, odors and air pollution.
Our technical advisory services around environmental safety inspection consist in providing pragmatic recommendations to customers leading to:
  • Recovering a conformity state
  • Solving potential impacts on surroundings and environment
  • Enhancing equipment efficiency regarding environmental protection
  • Remote online monitoring of your environment
  • Digital industrial optimization services
  • Education and trainings
Related to Storage and Pipelines DEKRA also offers:
  • NdT & advanced NDT inspection
  • Robotized inspections (NdT/aNDT)
  • Non-periodical & periodical technical inspections in the area of Plant Safety (hazardous substances / risk by explosive area)
  • Inspection of lightning protection
  • Qualification of welders & welding procedures