2nd Party Inspections on Cranes

Inspections during Operation, Manufacturing and Prefabrication of Cranes

With our 2nd party inspection services, DEKRA supports customers to fulfil internal requirements and satisfy any mandatory 2nd party inspection requirements.

About 2nd party Inspections for Cranes

With our comprehensive know-how and many years of practical experience, DEKRA’s crane experts are fully qualified to offer support 2nd party inspections of cranes. In addition to meeting the required national regulations, DEKRA provides services to those customers that require inspection and documents to a very specific high standard. For example, if the customer is an insurer, they may have to clarify the costs that are related to an extreme weather event such as a storm. DEKRA also supports you in questions of planning and production such as independent plant inspections or validations on different production sites (e.g. compliance with dimensions, production methods or surface design).
DEKRA’s 2nd Party inspection for cranes includes the following individual services:
  • Design review on an early stage
  • State Assessment according to technical standards for the type of crane also considering insurance institution’s guidelines
  • Customer specific checks, specified by manufacturer or operator according to owner standards
  • Damage analysis for insurances
  • Inspection during manufacturing & prefabrication
  • Risk assessment for new equipment
  • Hazard analysis for work safety while operation and transport
2nd Party Inspections does not cover advisory for the detailed technical design or final choice of components.