Sales & E-Sales Solutions for Fleets

Flexible Sales, Tele-sales and E-sales Solutions for Fleet Managers

The performance of used vehicle sales strongly impacts the profitability of vehicles manufacturers, short-term rental companies and long-term leasers. That’s why fleet managers rely on DEKRA and our experts’ significant experience in B2B used vehicle sales.

To deliver those services, the DEKRA team permanently invests in unique and powerful sales tools, including the web sales platform, and in the training of their flexible & adjustable sales teams.

About Sales and E-Sales Solutions for Fleets

DEKRA’s experts provide our customers with flexible sales and tele-sales teams, in addition to proposing a web sales platform to support customers’ sales.
The benefits to our customers from our sales and e-sales solutions services include:
  • Sales team
  • A powerfull Customer Relationship Management solution developed with Salesforce
  • Lineos – A online sales platform for consulting offers, making on-line orders, bidding in private online auctions

Affinity Sales

This is a response to a recurring demand, particularly among manufacturers, to organize access to used vehicles for company personnel. These sales to the employees of a group and/or its partners, as a new channel, generate additional sales, potentially at a higher price. DEKRA is the only player on the market offering a complete sales service, not only an Affinity Sales platform, but also online auctions, special offers, commercial operations, salespeople (working by phone on behalf of the customer), transport management and steering, invoicing services, call center and claims portal.
Our affinity sales services cover:
  • Web platform Lineos
  • Managing of accreditations (user verification/authentication) and allocations (number of purchases/user)
  • Support of people making a purchase and manage the vehicle post-sale administration processes.
  • Driving the process with the network (vehicle delivery)
  • Delivering communication material about affinity sales
Benefits to our customers include:
  • Additional sales
  • Benefit in terms of image (among partners)
  • Optimized prices
  • Improve labor relations (works committee, trade unions) within the company
  • Bring additional leads to the network (when delivery is done by the network)

Claims and Customer Care Management

Customer care (and claims management) is a key point of the global remarketing chain but this process is time consuming. This is why DEKRA provides this service to manufacturers, bringing ‘adjustable’ human resources to answer peak of activity. Our claims and customer care management consultants ensure customer satisfaction through prompt, professional, transaction handling (administration, logistics, product, vehicle sales and more).
DEKRA’s claims and customer care management services cover:
  • A front office support service for used vehicle customers (purchasers) and, within the framework of a network priority, primarily designed for a group where loyalty is encouraged
  • Single standard handle first-line questions or topics which do not require the involvement of a specialist
  • Logistical and administrative ancillary relations
Benefits to our customers include:
  • Sales team concentration: let commercial teams focus only on sales (estimated 20 to 35% additional time for sales tasks)
  • Ensure quality, with agents specifically trained on the claim process
  • Control costs by using resources and technology more efficiently
  • No phone calls lost (contrary to direct lines), rapidity to take in charge customers
  • Benefit from a measure and traceability of the call’s nature and demands
  • Give the used vehicle buyer a permanent, immediate and professionally oriented interface

Online sales platform – Lineos

With the web-sales platform Lineos, DEKRA helps our customers take their automotive resale strategy online to offer access to the inventory of vehicles available for sale and organize a range of incentive sales programs (promotions, auctions, bargain, communication, for manufacturers, affinity & independent resellers).
DEKRA’s e-sales platform services cover the conception and administration of:
  • Sales policy
  • Promotions
  • Product visibility rules (according to a target)
  • Procurement process
  • Configurable incentives & animation (auction, bargain, submission)
  • Communication (newsletter, FAQ)
  • Loyalty/reward program
  • Order history
Benefits to our customers include:
  • Optimize stock rotation
  • Optimize residual value and profitability
  • Reduce delays and distribution costs
  • Real-time access to your inventory
  • Easy to use

Sales Program Animation

DEKRA is an expert in sales program animation with more than 550,000 used vehicles sold each year in Europe through its applications and we are the only player on the market offering a complete sales service: tele-sales, e-sales platform, transport management and steering, invoicing services, call center and claims portal.
Our experts help customers to promote their commercial plan with the help of our integrated communication agency. DEKRA’s sales program animation services cover newsletters, e-mailings, SMS campaigns and point of sales, offering customers:
  • The need to communicate, and to "extend" your marketing support/marketing plan
  • Essential for running a network
  • Essential for a sales operation
Benefits to our customers include:
  • Studio for used vehicle specialization
  • Premium Quality
  • Reduced costs
  • Minimum deadlines


Used vehicle sales is a highly seasonal activity and requires many skills, including ‘flexibility of resources’, a high level of experience (product, market) and good relationships. DEKRA is a specialist expert in tele-sales with close to 200,000 used vehicles sold each year in Europe through this service and we are the only player on the market offering a complete sales service: tele-sales, e-sales platform, transport management and steering, invoicing services, call center and claims portal.
Our experts assist our customers in selling used vehicles from stock and reaching the targets with help of commercial advisors by telephone. Our tele-sales services cover:
  • Daily contact & good relationship with the dealers
  • ‘Pull’ mode: finalize web baskets
  • ‘Push’ mode: we prospect customers to optimize volumes, keeping in mind residual value
  • Sales management (of sales teams)
  • Sales reporting (for the customer)
Benefits to our customers include:
  • Expertise on the whole chain process
  • Working on synergies between "Tele-sales" and "Online sales"
  • Implementation adaptability (‘in house’ teams, external team, etc)
  • Ability to recruit and manage salespeople (professionals from used vehicle sales)
  • Daily coordination (including with other partners)