Modified and Tuned Vehicle Inspections

Convenient and Professional Inspections for Modified and Tuned Vehicles

DEKRA acts as a qualified 3rd party in some countries to inspect a vehicle following any customization or modification work, to determine that it meets the necessary regulatory standards of safety.

About Modified and Tuned Vehicle Inspections

If you have modified or “tuned” your vehicle, changing or adding parts to the vehicle in order to customize it or make it unique, an “after transformation” inspection may or may not be mandatory, depending on local regulations, once the modifications have been made.
For example, a vehicle owner may want to add or change parts including tinted windows, special tires, side skirts, front and rear bumpers, spoilers, splitters or carry out suspension lowering. In some countries, a complete technical inspection is required following such vehicle modification work to ensure the vehicle is properly authorized and safe for use on public roads.
DEKRA expert vehicle inspectors offer modification inspections to check that a customer’s vehicle complies with any necessary regulations and requirements. Our inspectors provide the customer with professional and accurate advice and any requested reports necessary for such compliance procedures.