Imported Vehicle Inspection

Convenient and professional Imported Vehicle Inspections

DEKRA expert vehicle inspectors assist customers with all necessary “after importation” inspections and checks on the identification of a vehicle and its compliance with local standards in term of safety and emission.

About Imported Vehicle inspections

When customers have imported a vehicle into a country or have moved to a new country taking a vehicle with them, an “after importation” inspection may or may not be mandatory, depending on local regulations.
In some countries, vehicle importation requires the vehicle owner to follow specific administrative procedures to ensure that they have the right to drive on the roads of the destination country. Such procedures can include title transfer, new registration, change of number plate, emission certificate and more.
DEKRA provides customers with the most accurate advice and solutions to simplify the process of vehicle importation: including vehicle inspection and administrative support with any necessary paperwork such as imports certificates and statement of compliances.
DEKRA is the world’s #1 in vehicle inspection services, fully committed to making our roads safer, preventing accidents, injuries, and fatalities.