Periodical Inspections

Enhancing Safety with Periodical Inspections for Ventilation Systems

In the field of ventilation, periodic inspections are essential to guarantee safety and compliance. DEKRA carries out in-depth checks on ventilation systems to ensure compliance with regulatory values and the values recommended in installation files.

Benefits of Periodical Inspections

Compliance Assurance: Ensure adherence to both regulatory and recommended values, fostering a safe and compliant environment.

About Our Periodical Inspections

Our meticulous inspections cover various aspects:
  • Statutory Checks on Ventilation Flows: Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards through periodic checks on ventilation flows in installations.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems Inspection: Comprehensive safety and functional inspection of carbon monoxide detection systems.
  • Acceptance Testing for New or Modernized Buildings: Thorough acceptance testing of ventilation systems in new or modernized buildings, with the drafting of reference value files.

Periodical Full Technical & Condition Inspection of Ventilation

Our comprehensive inspections extend to:
  • Verification of Premises Ventilation Systems: Periodic verification of ventilation systems within premises to maintain optimal performance.
  • Inspection of Extraction Systems in Industries: Periodic verification of extraction systems, especially those of the collection arm type in industrial settings.
  • Inspection of Laboratory Capture Facilities: Periodic inspection of fume cupboards or fume hood-type laboratory capture facilities.
  • Ventilation and Air Renewal Conditions Check: Periodic control of ventilation and air renewal conditions within premises for a healthy indoor environment.
  • Inspection of Paint Booths or Shot-Blasting Booths: Periodic inspection of capture installations for paint booths or shot-blasting booths, ensuring safety and efficiency.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection Function Control: Inspection of carbon monoxide detection systems to guarantee safety and functional control.
Trust DEKRA for expert fire ventilation solutions through thorough, periodical inspections, prioritizing safety and compliance.
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