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Aerospace and Defense Industry

Boost performance and ensure safe operations

Aerospace and Defense Industry

Providing global excellence in safety - Beyond mere compliance

With decades of experience, DEKRA is a trusted partner working within the aerospace and defense industry. We provide a range of services focused on ensuring regulatory compliance, strengthening sustainable supply chains, implementing effective cyber security, training personnel and increasing performance. Our solutions are designed to meet the specialized demands of product developers and manufacturers as well as logistics and support services providers throughout the aerospace and defense value chain.

Whether assisting you with industry-specific consulting, testing, certification or training, our services are tailored to suit your individual needs and circumstance so you can better balance certification obligations, effectively manage digitalized data, implement robust cyber security protections and adapt to recognized sustainability principles. We are happy to serve you with comprehensive solutions from a single source at any time, anywhere in the world.

The benefits of working with DEKRA

Integrated solutions for common challenges in the aerospace and defense value chain

Struggling to keep many balls in the air, aerospace and defense industry developers, manufacturers, logistics companies and support services providers are directly affected by shifting political alliances, trade tariffs, rising fuel and material costs, a lack of qualified engineers, new market competitors and shrinking capital sources. While dealing with a supply chain weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic, aerospace and defense companies are also tasked to provide demanding customers value-based products and services. Innovative technologies and digital solutions are transforming production and driving new business models, forcing partners up and down the supply chain to adapt smart strategies according to expected industry standards, strict governmental regulations and green sustainability policies.

Regulations demanding low emission rates put pressure on developers and manufacturers to design and produce innovative products compliant with sustainable practices and policy guidelines. While manufacturers must come to grips with evolving environmental policies pushing for more fuel-efficient hybrid or electrical propulsion technologies, diverse regional, national and international regulatory statutes can lead to high developmental and certification spending for several partners providing various services throughout the aerospace and defense industry. Qualified technicians and engineers are in short supply, creating high demand and driving up labor costs, while consumer confidence wavers due to safety concerns and new competitors emerge.

Sole-source providers are unable to meet increasing materials demands of manufacturers and top-tier suppliers causing delays and downtimes. Robust supply chain management strategies and systems must be implemented to effectively handle highly orchestrated and complex chains and support reliable end-to-end transparency ensuring sustainable production. Successful partners throughout the entire aerospace and defense industry are acutely aware of the demands created by the global digitalized business environment and are scrambling to implement digital tools and platforms to collect, process and store critical supply chain data.

Even the smallest advances in technology cost the aerospace and defense industry tremendous amounts in research and development investment. Digital transformation of the industry, bringing advanced robotics, additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, composites and virtual reality technologies to developers, manufacturers, logistics companies and support services providers, has added and extra layer of complexity to an already sophisticated business environment. Partners throughout the industry must adapt digital solutions to effectively communicate with business associates, manage supply chains, consolidate processes and safeguard systems and data.

Ensuring holistic support for the entire value chain, DEKRA experts provide customized service packages targeting challenges specific to the aerospace and defense industry. While helping you minimize your carbon footprint with our sustainability and green manufacturing services, we provide comprehensive support so you can achieve the health and safety excellence you need to boost consumer trust. In addition to accredited personnel trainings and certifications ensuring a skilled and qualified workforce, our cyber security virtual testing, validation and verification services help you implement and maintain state-of-the-art digital solutions designed to protect the integrity of your networks, systems and sensitive data.


Focusing on safety at home, at work, and on the road, DEKRA is your global partner providing comprehensive services designed to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable world. The company employs more than 45,000 specialists worldwide focused on increasing safety in all areas of life, including process safety consulting and testing, industrial inspection, and product certification. DEKRA operates in over 60 countries delivering a safer world through consulting, inspections, testing, certification, auditing, and training.

Featured Solutions & Services

Our experts leverage proven strategies and proprietary tools to create tailored programs that meet your goals. From planing to aftersales, DEKRA will guide you through each step as we assess your needs, develop an action plan, and implement your solution.

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