Buildings & Infrastructure Inspection

Professional and contractual services in the construction and maintenance of a wide scope of assets

DEKRA offers a comprehensive range of services in the construction and maintenance of real estate assets, civil works, information and Communication networks, Temporary event organization, Boat and Vessel based on expert assessments of construction services, building technology, and real estate.

We are a world leader in the provision of professional and high-quality services in the construction and maintenance of Buildings & Infrastructure.
Regardless of whether the property is used commercially or privately, or whether the property developer or partner wants to check and assess their own performance, DEKRA offers a comprehensive range of services across all phases of the property lifecycle.
Depending on the regulation of the countries or on your specific situation we adapt our services to your real needs:
  • Design review,
  • Verification & onsite inspection,
  • Final inspection,
  • Project monitoring,
  • Periodical inspection,
  • Non-periodical inspection,
  • Remote and On line monitoring,
  • Pollutant measurement,
  • Efficiency measurement,
  • Technical advisory and 2sd party services,
  • Digital Industrial Optimization Service.

We provide our services for these 6 different objects:

    DEKRA is at your side for better control of your risks according to your primary interests. DEKRA's teams will assist you in analyzing your project or asset risks. Through Technical advice and inspection, our experts will provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions.
    DEKRA will provide Technical advice, Verification, Inspection, Diagnosis, and Measurements on all the main topics in the construction field:
    • Structural strength,
    • Acoustic specification
    • Thermal & insulate specification
    • Hazardous material
    • HVAC, gas specifications
    • Climate change impact
    • Ground & subsoil suitability