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About DEKRA Consulting

Safety is the Cornerstone of DEKRA Consulting

DEKRA Consulting combines evidence-based science, cutting-edge technology, and internationally renowned expertise to create innovative safety solutions for today and tomorrow. We aim to lead safety transformation at the workplace and business practices, within operations and processes as well as in the dynamic and rapidly changing digital era.

The three service pillars of DEKRA Consulting including main service deliverables.

  • We are thought leaders, drawing knowledge and expertise from industry’s best practices.
  • As pioneers in consulting, we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of digitalization.
  • We identify global market trends, needs and opportunities to develop customized solutions.
  • We transfer existing solutions to new and emerging markets.
  • We integrate solutions across customers.
  • We offer a consistent approach to innovation management that allows us to develop and implement state-of-the-art safety solutions.

Our services are as multi-faceted as your needs. We offer consulting resources to complement each of the following areas, resulting in comprehensive support and a robust approach to sustainable progress:

Safety Consulting

To properly address the myriad factors influencing safety in an industrial context, we channel our expertise into two main areas: process safety on the one hand and work safety including organizational safety and reliability as well as health, safety and environmental (HSE) solutions on the other.

The breadth and depth of our expertise in process safety makes us globally recognized specialists and trusted advisors. We help our clients to understand and evaluate their risks, and work together to develop pragmatic solutions. Our practical, value-adding approach integrates specialist process safety management, engineering and testing. We seek to educate and grow client competence to provide sustainable performance improvement. Partnering with our clients we combine technical expertise with a passion for protecting life and assets and reducing harm.

Organizational safety and reliability, on the other hand, ensure smooth operations through mindful work practices and behaviors, while an effective HSE program includes multidisciplinary, customized management programs that target specific challenges. We share our knowledge, based on rigorous research and extensive experience, of how to cultivate effective safety leaders and engage and motivate employees with an eye to significantly improving your overall performance.

Business Consulting

Our experts have their fingers on the pulse of industry trends and conditions and are eager to assist you with business consulting support. We help you turn a critical eye to supplier and supply chain issues as well as risk assessment and quality concerns. Our consultants support you improve management systems and sustainability by creating or critiquing internal, tailor-made standards or designing questionnaires to evaluate specific processes. In addition, our automotive specialists consult with you on a range of areas, including dealer profitability, customer satisfaction and loyalty, lead management and aftersales. Whatever your field and whatever your needs, we have the tools and knowledge it takes to keep you competitive.

Cyber Security

At DEKRA Consulting we develop and deliver consulting solutions that reflect the needs of our rapidly changing industries as they adapt to evolving information technologies and confront the challenges of cybersecurity. Cyber security has become a universal necessity, essential for organizations of all sizes and sectors, especially with the ever-increasing use of industrial automation and the Internet of Things. Our consultants offer comprehensive and customized solutions to secure your data, network and products as well as your IT infrastructures and processes. We have compiled a comprehensive portfolio that allows you to address all your cyber security concerns under one roof.

DEKRA has been providing safety since its foundation over 90 years ago. With passion and expertise and with over 46,000 employees worldwide today, we think ahead for safety. On the road, at work and at home – DEKRA’s skilled experts create increased safety across all the key areas of life. We ensure the safety of human interaction with technology and the environment especially with regard to digitalization.

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