On-site Testing services

On-site Structural Investigations with DEKRA’s Mobile Metallurgy Laboratories

During their working life materials can change in their properties. This change in properties is often based on a change or deterioration of the physical structure of the metal which can be identified by studying the microstructure. Eventually, such changes can lead to failure of components. Changes can be induced to the internal material through, for example, heat or high, applied forces. Other deteriorations are related to the surface by corrosion or erosion. Our experts are fully equipped to carry out on-site structural investigations with DEKRA’s mobile metallurgy laboratories.

About On-site Metallographic and Mechanical Testing of Materials

DEKRA offers metallographic testing procedures in its own accredited testing laboratories and on-site via our mobile metallurgy laboratories, analyzing the mechanical, metallographic and chemical properties of materials for you. For example, pipelines in power plants and cast parts that are subject to high thermal stresses show structural changes as they age. This can lead to an inadequate performance for the respective application. In order to exclude the risk of an unplanned failure of a component or plant, or to estimate the remaining lifetime of your assets, DEKRA's specialists can provide on-site support with structural investigations.
Using our mobile metallography laboratories, we can carry out the sampling, preparation and evaluation of the samples added with the documentation of the findings on site. The corresponding evaluation is handed over to you even before the DEKRA experts leave your plant.
Our on-site services include:
  • Replica application and analysis, including assessment of microstructural changes of operating components
  • Metallographic specimen sampling and specimen preparation
  • Optical microscopy of polished and etched surfaces including microstructural image analysis
  • Hardness testing
  • Ferrite content measurement
  • Chemical analysis or Positive Materials Identification (OES, XRF)