Telecom Network and Service Provider Solutions

Network and Service Provider Test Plans Tailored to Customers’ Specification

DEKRA’s expert team of telecom network and service provider solutions specialists design and define specific test plans according to our customers’ specifications.

About Telecom Network and Service Provider Solutions

DEKRA’s Telecom Network and Service Provider Solutions specialists are able to create tailored test plans to meet our customers’ exact specifications. This way, we are able to test all infrastructure (hardware and software) and software applications from different 3rd parties thoroughly to ensure a successful launch and operation of all services.
DEKRA’s specialists carry out exhaustive trials and methodical evaluations of the performance of all 3rd party hardware and software prior to any launch. DEKRA offers a number of services around these processes, including benchmarking, interoperability and performance tests to ensure that the needs of different operators are always met, even when using the same infrastructure.
We help our customers to ensure their products will work within the network operator infrastructure that is their target market, and that they will perform as stated and defined by the service providers. DEKRA ensures that venues such as football stadiums, libraries or airports are equipped to meet required quality of the provided services and the perceived experience.