Automotive Testing

Leading Innovation in Automotive Testing

DEKRA is a leader and innovator in automotive testing, ensuring the drivers safety in today’s increasingly complex vehicles. Compliance and conformity of state-of-the-art key technologies and 3rd party interests, such as OEM specifications, market or standardization requirements and all necessary international standards is a key promise of our safety strategy.

DEKRA’s constant research and innovation in vehicle testing and road safety is what makes us one of the world’s leading independent and neutral automotive testing organizations. Our vehicle and road safety experts have been at the forefront of advances in automotive developments since DEKRA was founded in 1925.
Our specialists have in-depth knowledge on the latest automotive developments in, for example e-mobility, connected and automated driving, data security and lighting . We offer a comprehensive service offering for the automotive industry, covering the latest vehicle technologies and components in e-mobility, connected cars, and automated driving needs.
DEKRA’s unique track record in validation and testing of both automotive-related and mobile communication technologies means that we play a key role in assuring safe transport services - today and tomorrow.
With decades of experience as a technical service for homologation / type approval and a renowned service provider for performance testing (such as crash, endurance and emission tests, passive safety and more), we offer a wide range of complementary support in the value chain for OEMs, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers and others in the automotive industry.
DEKRA’s range of automotive testing services cover all necessary regulatory, OEM and 3rd party requirements for today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles, their components and shared car services. The service portfolio consists amongst other of:
  • Type approval / Homologation
  • Performance testing (Development, Benchmarking, Validation and Conformity testing, Crash testing, Endurance testing)
  • Automated and connected vehicle
  • e-mobility testing
DEKRA’s test track locations in Europe, our specialized testing laboratories around the world and our experienced, dedicated specialists in testing methodologies, makes us your key global partner in the automotive development chain.
Automotive heritage

With almost a century of experience in the automotive industry, DEKRA understands your product development cycle. Thanks to our expertise in, among others, homologation and validation testing and experience with open road, circuit and lab testing, we are ready to support you.

Circuits, labs and open roads around the world

By using our connected car test area, proving ground and race track, multiple testing laboratories, open road testing experience, crash test center and e-mobility testing facilities you have the perfect outlay for a successful product development, validation, homologation and launch.

Experts in test methodologies

Designing your own test methods to perform validation testing can be a challenging task. Our experts are here to help. With decades of experience developing test plans and research set-ups for many different automotive products and vehicles, we help you perform the validation necessary to meet the quality demands your customers are looking for.