DEKRA Standard Seal for Used Cars for Dealerships

The Globally Recognized Standard Seal of Reliability for Used Vehicles

For a consumer, it is important to be able to rely on products and services, especially in a globalized and partially opaque competitive environment. Safety and quality become central elements of a successful presence on the market.

The DEKRA used car seal offers our dealership customers a globally recognized expression of performance, quality and safety.

About DEKRA Standard Seal for Used Cars for Dealerships

The DEKRA seal for used cars has been the standard as a sign of reliability for many years, based on our extensive experience and widely recognized impartiality.
The used automobile market remains as important as ever and this isn’t going to change in the future. But for the buyer of a used car, the market is characterized by a great many uncertainties. What guarantees do they get? What can they ultimately rely on?
DEKRA is your reliable partner for national and international approvals of quality with an extensive global network. Our standard used car seal offers dealerships and consumers:
  • More flexibility and more transparency
  • Neutral quality check
  • Detailed reporting
  • Smooth vehicle management
  • No more uncertainty
Our experts provide a service that is customer oriented and completely transparent. In our efforts to consistently enhance our used car seal service we have developed a modular system for the DEKRA used car seal that is based entirely on all the required tests. This benefits both sides in the transaction, the buyer and the seller.
Our used car seal service is divided into three individual checks. The technology check, the body check and the system check. For each of the modules, a detailed module report is prepared. The report informs both buyer and seller about which criteria were met in each of the required tests and which were not fulfilled. If all three modules are approved the DEKRA used car seal will then be provided in the form of a certificate.