Verification and On-Site Inspections

Mandatory or voluntary inspections during-construction

DEKRA assists our customers with during-construction inspections of buildings and road infrastructure.

About Verification and On-Site Inspections

Based on risk analysis or a verification reference system, DEKRA experts ensure that the various parties involved in the construction (project managers, contractors, etc.) take into account the various hazards.
Continuous quality control of construction works allows investors to quickly identify non-compliance, which saves time and money and increases the quality of works performed. DEKRA’s inspectors check the conformity of the executive documentation submitted for construction with the building project, approve the materials and carry out constant supervision over the quality and conformity of conducted works with the original construction design. The results of our inspections or verifications meet the requirements of local regulations or the specific needs of our customers.
We provide Verification and On-Site Inspections for:
    • Verification of buildings regarding specific demands in acoustic, ecology, efficiency, and accessibility of facilities and for special applications
    • Verification and inspection of buildings regarding sustainable construction and use of sustainable materials
    • Voluntary during construction inspection on structural changes and/or calculation of buildings
    • Mandatory during-construction inspection of buildings
    • Verification of insulation equipment for technical buildings installations