Digital Industrial Optimization for Destructive Testing

Assisting Manufacturers to Digitally Optimize Workflows of Destructive Testing Campaigns

DEKRA uses state-of-the-art data management and analysis solutions to optimize workflows and processes together with its customers.

About Digital Industrial Optimization Services

With our experience with customers worldwide, we can support you to manage your activities in a safe way. In our online customer portal, a wide testing data can be integrated, providing you with a fast and easy overview. Our secure customer login gives you the possibility to access your data anytime and from anywhere. We offer interactive data analysis functions, intelligent data visualization and automated alerts, designed to support your decision-making process. In our data system, we can hold the essential information on your destructive testing campaign. You can also gain access to the system and manage your process relevant documentation in a digital format.
Our digital industrial optimization services can include:
  • Formal reporting management
  • Automated alerts
  • Integration of testing data and other information such as technical documentation and customer specific documentation.
  • Analysis and evaluation of current workflow
  • Development of a customer specific solution
  • Implementation of a centralized data management system