DEKRA launches the first generation of AI Testing & Certification Services

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DEKRA launches the first generation of AI Testing and Certification Services

DEKRA enters the Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem by offering comprehensive AI Security services that ensure safe and secure AI-powered solutions and anticipate upcoming regulations around AI Testing & Certification. DEKRA is a global partner throughout the entire development lifecycle of AI solutions, committed to expanding its AI Security services along the evolving legal landscape of AI technology to assure global market access.

Shaping trustworthy AI from a global perspective

In this interview, Dr. Xavier Valero, Director of AI & Advanced Analytics, explains the impact of AI Safety & Security. For a deep dive into this topic, get in contact with our experts.
AI is showcasing its immense potential, rapid expansion capabilities, and market viability. But besides the enormous economic impact, the risks associated to the usage of this technology have become evident recently. Therefore, it arises the urgent need to ensure safe and secure AI technology for the benefit of the society. DEKRA supports this mission by pioneering AI trustworthy services.

First Generation of AI Testing & Certification Services

The first generation of AI Testing and Certification encompasses a wide range of services to assess the safety and security of AI solutions. The ultimate goal is to provide conformity assessments while ensuring the highest standards of safety and security.
These services include:

+ AI Advisory & Training

DEKRA offers professional advisory and training services to assist companies in the successful deployment of AI technology while ensuring safety and security. Our experts provide guidance on implementing upcoming AI regulations and assessing their impact on business and product portfolio. We equip organizations with the knowledge and expertise to navigate AI deployment effectively and compliantly.
  • Advisory on AI safety and security risk mitigation
  • Advisory on AI Management System implementation
  • Training on governance and safe usage of Generative AI tools (e.g., ChatGPT) at work environment
  • Risks of AI
  • Training on European AI regulation (EU AI Act)
  • Training on good practices for development of safe and secure AI solutions

+ AI Audit

DEKRA offers comprehensive AI Assessment services that cover the entire lifecycle of AI systems, including development, validation, and operation phases. Our expert audits identify risks and vulnerabilities, ensuring safety through meticulous risk assessment plans. Customers must provide auditors with answers and evidence.
DEKRA offers different audit services focusing on assessing the conformity with respect to reference standards.
  • Development and operation of AI Solutions (own DEKRA framework)
  • AI Management Systems (ISO42001)
  • AI Risk Management (ISO23894)
  • Data Quality for Analytics and Machine Learning (ISO5259)

+ AI Testing

DEKRA employs cutting-edge software tools to conduct thorough evaluations of AI systems. Several aspects of the AI models are evaluated by our expert AI testers. Data Quality is key for successful AI model training and validation. Quantitative assessment of the data is performed, by computing relevant metrics that can assess the suitability of the data for building AI solutions. Through Model robustness tests, we want to predict the accuracy of the models under varying conditions and identifying weak spots where the AI solutions will not perform as expected. Security in AI has also paramount importance and needs to be properly tested, to predict the resilience of AI models against cybersecurity adversarial attacks. These attacks may have different goals, either provoking an intentional malfunctioning of the AI model or stealing the IP behind it. All tests are backed by the most recent standards and good practices. These tests are just a few examples of the comprehensive AI assessment services we offer:
  • Data Quality (ISO5259)
  • Model Robustness (ISO24029)
  • Model Security
  • Model Bias (ISO 24027)

Soon AI technology will become a commodity. The way to outstand from competitors will be not only to provide embedded AI technology in services and products but rather ensure safe and secure AI-based products.

Dr. Xavier Valero

Why is AI Testing & Certification so important?

Don't underestimate the significance of AI Testing & Certification. It ensures reliable performance, mitigates risks, and demonstrates ethical compliance. With AI Testing & Certification Services, AI models and algorithms deliver accurate results, fostering trust in your technology.
Be aware of
    Identify and address security vulnerabilities, biases, and privacy concerns to prevent negative consequences and safeguard your users and reputation.
    Ensure the success of your AI systems with AI Testing & Certification Services. Experience reliable performance, risk mitigation, and ethical compliance. Get in contact with our experts and optimize your AI technology!