Transportation and Logistics
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Transportation and Logistics

Support services for an interconnected world — beyond mere compliance

DEKRA is a proven partner to the transportation and logistics industry, with decades of experience in the field. Our consulting, training, testing, certification, inspection and appraisal services are designed to make the business of transporting people and goods, whether by road, rail, air or water, safer and more efficient. With experts active around the globe, we offer a comprehensive portfolio for transportation, transship and warehousing businesses.

At every step along a journey, transportation and logistics companies are there to smooth the way. To be effective, they must go beyond compliance, creating better, more responsive processes, integrating new technologies and investing in the people who bring life to their business. Our experts share this vision and put their knowledge to work to create practical solutions and provide insights for more robust, leaner and safer operations tailored to your needs. Together we can help create a safer, more sustainable and interconnected world.

Support for people, processes and technologies across an interconnected world

The transportation and logistics sector is entrusted with keeping the flow of people and goods moving safely and efficiently, long distances and short, all around the world. Today’s complex supply chains, ever-shifting economic and environmental policies, growing urbanization, rapid technological change and dynamic markets are some of the forces shaping the sector and driving change. In addition to cargo transporters, transship coordinators, customs clearance professionals and warehousing facilities for goods, there are municipal public transport operators, airlines, passenger railway companies, airport operators and more focused on business and leisure travel.
Throughout the value chain, robust processes are essential to ensure seamless transfers of goods and people, appropriate and safe warehousing of products and timely deliveries and arrivals. These processes must be capable of managing divergent tax and tariff policies, import and export requirements and other economic factors that change from place to place and sometimes from year to year. Environmental regulations, such as the EU’s Green Deal, are also place-specific and require the close attention and compliance of transportation companies.
Technological advances are a challenge and an opportunity for the sector, with Blockchain, AI and FreightTech, among others, making an impact. To remain competitive, companies will need to implement new technologies efficiently while also ensuring that their data is well-managed and protected. Defending against cyberattacks is a critical element in protecting both data and the viability of your business.
Processes and technology need people in order to work and attracting and retaining qualified employees is an ongoing challenge in the transportation and logistics industry. Recruiting and hiring the right people is easier with expert support, and with the right training and professional development incentives, retaining competent, experienced staff is a reachable goal.

Support services for strong and effective solutions

Business efficiency and growth rely on connected supply chains to avoid bottlenecks. Global competition and high investment requirements place a major strain on asset efficiency, and all the time, more and more physical processes need to be replaced by digital solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.
DEKRA can work with you to achieve concrete productivity gains by increasing asset availability, reducing downtime, boosting flexibility and supporting the creation of digital environments. Our offering extends from classic testing and accreditation to comprehensive consultancy and training services. Put us to the test.
DEKRA’s services target these specific areas while also providing holistic support to help your business succeed safely and sustainably.


Focusing on safety at home, at work, and on the road, DEKRA is your global partner providing comprehensive services designed to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable world. The company employs more than 45,000 specialists worldwide focused on increasing safety in all areas of life, including process safety consulting and testing, industrial inspection, and product certification. DEKRA operates in over 60 countries delivering a safer world through consulting, inspections, testing, certification, auditing, and training.

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Our experts leverage proven strategies and proprietary tools to create tailored programs that meet your goals. From planning to aftersales, DEKRA will guide you through each step as we assess your needs, develop an action plan, and implement your solution.

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