Battery Testing

Battery Testing & Certification - Where Safety Meets Innovation

Batteries Play a Crucial Role in Mobility – And so Does their Safety.

Batteries have become the core of our modern world, powering everything from our everyday devices to the sustainable future of electric vehicles and renewable energy

This is where battery testing and certification step into the spotlight. At DEKRA, we've embraced the challenge of guaranteeing the safety, reliability, and optimal performance of these powerhouses. Through rigorous testing, we reveal potential risks and check compliance with industry standards, ultimately elevating the bar of excellence.
Our certification acts as a seal of approval, assuring both consumers and regulatory authorities that these batteries not only meet safety, quality, and performance standards, but also surpass them. It's a journey towards a safer, more reliable, and more sustainable future. Our processes improve safety, supercharge performance, ensure regulatory compliance, foster consumer trust, pave the way for market access, and drive relentless innovation in battery technologies.
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We improve safety and drive relentless innovation in battery technologies.