Technical Due Diligence

Empowering Real Estate Success: Mitigating Risks, Maximizing Value

Ensuring the solidity and viability of a property stands as a pivotal shield for investors and owners alike. DEKRA offers steadfast support in assessing your property's technical aspects, be it commercial, residential, or industrial, aiding in making informed investment choices.

Fueling Your Success:
  • Versatile expertise covering various market segments
  • Proven methodology, international expertise
  • Customization with global uniformity
The Crucial Role of Technical Information
Having technical information about the condition of a property is a key factor in the success of a real estate project. Depending on your needs, you may wish to have the following:
  • a global view to validate the financial assessment of the property as part of a transaction or merger and acquisition process
  • a specific vision for the end of a warranty period or a leasing contract
  • a detailed vision for implementing a maintenance and management strategy for a real estate portfolio
  • Technical due diligence and building condition assessment services provide you with the necessary information to make the right decision.
Our Approach for Successful M&A Audits
  • Holistic audit: unveiling risks, seizing opportunities
  • Solid foundation, extensive expertise: generating long-term value
DEKRA's experts, with their extensive technical expertise, take a holistic approach.
Based on the most important technical criteria drawn from our experience, our Technical Due Diligence audit assesses the condition and aging of an asset to calculate risks and uncover opportunities.
DEKRA's experts enable you to find reasonable and effective solutions to generate long-term value.
Implementing a Maintenance Strategy for a Real Estate Portfolio
• Maximizing asset performance
• Crafting coherent asset management strategies
As a property owner or manager, you must keep your assets in good working condition while meeting new regulatory obligations such as limiting greenhouse gas emissions. You must also maintain the attractiveness of your assets in terms of service, the comfort of use, health in the workplace, etc., to preserve their market value.
Through services like BCA (building condition assessment) or PCA (property condition assessment), our aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of your property's strengths and weaknesses, guiding you towards sound maintenance decisions.
DEKRA's experts provide detailed technical information to help you combine all your objectives into a coherent asset management strategy. Our dedication lies in empowering you with the insights needed to fortify your property investments for long-term success.
    Buildings & Facilities
    DEKRA provides the following:
    • inspection of existing buildings & technical due diligence (TDD)
    • building condition assessment (BCA)
    • property condition assessment (PCA)
    • technical due diligence on equipment and technical installations in buildings (including water, energy supply, communication & media) and verifications of maintenance and facility management performance