Digital Claims Management

Leveraging technological potential to accelerate claims settlement

Settling claims quickly and accurately saves insurers, fleet operators, and fleet customers a great deal of time, effort, and money. We offer you a route to fast and efficient claims settlement using innovative digital technologies such as the sensor- and computer-based recording of telematics data followed by their intelligent analysis and assessment with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics. If you have any questions about digital claims processing, our experts will be pleased to help you.

We tailor our services to the needs of insurers, fleet operators and fleet customers, who can benefit from our AI-based processes. You can rely on our digital services and expertise for initial damage assessments, a recommended course of action for the most efficient, fast and optimal claims settlement as well as a concrete assessment of damages by our experienced experts.

The right solution for every customer group

Our customized digital services improve claims processing by insurers and fleet operators. The range of services includes damage registration via an online portal, AI-based triaging, recommendations for action, and expert reports.
    Future-proof technologies combined with our expertise enable us to offer you a broad range of applications that help you to standardize, greatly simplify, and accelerate processes such as claims reporting and assessment as well as the calculation of notional settlements.
    In this way, for example, policyholders and claimants can report damage themselves online, providing detailed descriptions and photos. This serves as a structured basis for the efficient submission of a first notice of loss (FNOL). Minor losses can be settled with no further processing effort or assessed via a tele-report.
    Digital claims management also makes it possible to use telematics data in automatically detecting an accident and reporting it without delay to the relevant insurer. This allows the insurer to contact the policyholder proactively.
    In both scenarios, you quickly receive a rapid initial assessment of the claim value and access to a total loss indicator. In the case of complex claims, DEKRA experts can be consulted immediately. This significantly reduces the time needed for the entire settlement process.
    At a glance
    • Claims reports and descriptions submitted by policyholders online or via an app
    • Automatic accident detection and reporting using telematics data as the basis for FNOL
    • Initial claim estimate for efficient claims management
    • Accelerated process thanks to automatic consultation of a DEKRA damage appraisal expert in complex cases
    Why you should choose DEKRA’s digital claims processing

    We are an internationally recognized, independent testing organization with a strong portfolio of services tailored to your needs. We respect the privacy of claimants and protect your data.


    Our investment in research and modern technologies enables us to offer you solutions, processes, and services that address both present and future challenges. We strengthen your team with our technologies, experience, and expertise, creating competitive advantages for your business.


    We ensure the transparency of your processes and integrate our knowledge and systems seamlessly into your existing platforms. This enables you to take the right decisions at all times and process claims efficiently and to the satisfaction of your customers.


    We support you with our expertise and high-quality solutions, enabling you to design your processes as efficiently and effectively as possible. We provide you with just the services you need, continuously monitoring and improving our performance in order to ensure your satisfaction.

    Digital claims processing: A holistic approach

    Our holistic digital service supports you throughout the entire claims handling process. Using our practical, dynamic digital questionnaire, you can quickly and accurately compile a detailed and standardized damage report. If telematics data are already available to you, the AI solution can use the parameters provided for an automated and proactive damage report and to generate an accurate initial estimate of the claim value.
    Regardless of whether claims are reported manually using the dynamic questionnaire or based on telematics data, the combination of AI and big data provides you with an initial estimate of the expected loss level and a recommended course of action for optimal claims settlement. Once the damage has been reported, our experts are available either online or offline to assist you – depending on the extent of the damage. You can benefit from our expertise and experience by using our five service modules to process your claims.
    The solution consists of five modules
      The highly automated software solution produces a structured and standardized damage report, either using our practical dynamic questionnaire or based on telematics data. The damage report module includes a guided image upload process. As the software is easily configurable, it can support a wide range of business requirements – from call center solutions to self-service portals for end customers. The software solution can be provided in DEKRA branding or as a white-label product.

      Why DEKRA

      • We offer you the support of our experts’ many years of extensive expertise in claims settlement – from registration and triaging, through analysis and assessment, to appraisal.
      • You benefit from our holistic damage assessment service based on innovative state-of-the-art technologies, facilitating efficient claims management.
      • Our tailored digital services enable you to process claims quickly, efficiently, inexpensively, and to the satisfaction of your customers.
      • You can place your trust in our innovative strength and our partner, Swiss start-up Spearhead AG.
      Do you have questions about our DEKRA Digital Service? Contact a DEKRA expert today!