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Technical Advisory & 2nd Party Service for Assets

Offering Technical Advice and Due Diligence on Buildings and Road Infrastructure

DEKRA supports its customers with advice and services that help them mitigate their risks and give them the information they need to make the right decision.

The benefits you get from our Technical Advice

  • Get an impartial opinion

  • Find the best technical and economical solution adapted to your needs

  • Receive technical support in all phases of the construction process

  • Improved decision-making process

  • Reduce costs and save investment time

Technical Advisory on Buildings and Road Infrastructure

About Technical Advisory & 2nd Party Service for Assets

The in-depth knowledge and experience of buildings, civil engineering structures, and infrastructure inspection processes of our DEKRA experts made DEKRA a professional and trusted advisor in this field. DEKRA specialists provide comprehensive technical support in all phases of the life cycle of your assets: from technical advice, analysis, and state of conservation assessment. We develop specific solutions for your needs. Our customers benefit from the experience and competence of DEKRA’s experts for their projects and solutions.

We provide Technical Advisory & 2nd Party Service for:

  • 2nd party services, specific documents, registration services, and providing measurement values/results according to customer demand
  • Verification of hygiene and health in buildings
  • Technical due diligence on Equipment and technical installations in buildings (including water, energy supply, communication & media) and verifications of maintenance and facility management performance
  • Appraisal services for buildings and net rental area determination of residential buildings & offices
  • Technical advisory on sustainable construction and protective measures for sustainable materials
  • Technical advisory on buildings & projects regarding specific demands in quality, acoustic, ecology, efficiency, and accessibility of facilities and for special applications
  • Technical advisory on energy management, efficiency, and pollution of buildings
  • Technical advisory on buildings, design & construction procedures, and building maintenance

  • Appraisal services, 2nd party services, and specific documents on civil engineering and road infrastructure
  • Technical advisory on civil engineering & road infrastructure and the construction procedure

  • 2nd party inspections & documents of Event tents, temporary stages & tribunes
  • Technical advisory of Event tents, temporary stages & tribunes

  • Technical advisory on railway infrastructure, railway bridges, and construction procedures

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