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Process Safety Testing

Accurate Process Safety Data with Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

Process Safety Testing

Maintaining and promoting the highest standards in process safety and ensuring regulatory compliance require a thorough knowledge of the substances, equipment and processes an organization utilizes. Proper testing and expert analysis are essential to gathering and applying this information in order to prevent fires, explosions and other disasters.

We provide comprehensive testing services carried out in state-of-the-art laboratories by process safety experts and in accordance with local and international standards. The data we collect enables you to identify potential risk factors inherent in handling, storing and processing hazardous substances and can be used to develop a robust process safety management system.

Our Process Safety Testing Services

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With premier laboratories on three continents and an international orientation, we have the capacity to be there where and when you need us. Our experts are familiar with a multitude of global standards and regularly perform over 300 different standardized tests. We value innovation and our clients’ drive to develop new products, technologies and processes. Customizing our services by modifying standard tests or developing new ones to meet your needs is both part of our DNA and what sets us apart. Benefit from our flexible delivery and request standard service from two weeks or emergency service in 2-5 days.

DEKRA Process Safety Laboratory Tour

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DEKRA has decades of experience partnering with organizations across to address process safety challenges with solutions that are effective, pragmatic, and meet local and global regulations.
Our Online Solution Finder provides guidance on the recommended process safety solution(s) based on your individual situation. Find your solution now!

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