Verification & Validation

Winning Trust through Standardized and Comparable Confirmation Services

Regardless of whether they are committed to sustainability principles, advertise with high ethical standards and exceptional duty of care, or make other unequivocal claims, companies must be able to assure investors, consumers, and business partners alike that their statements are truthful and the results are reliable.

To win over the trust of customers, investors, and business partners – and to guarantee this trust in the long term – the economy needs reliable methods to differentiate true information from empty marketing promises. One such benchmark already exists for greenhouse gas emissions, in the form of the ISO 14065 standard. However, this requirement now extends to many other areas besides climate protection initiatives. There is a pressing need for a uniform basis for verifying and validating statements and reports of all different kinds.
The new standard ISO/IEC 17029:2019 addresses precisely this need, in that it defines clear requirements for validation and verification bodies and thus creates a reliable basis for all kinds of statements and reports.

Validation and Verification – What's the Difference?

Whereas certification and inspection services primarily concentrate on adherence to standards and specifications, validation and verification services essentially focus on the integrity of company data and statements.
Validation is carried out on statements and data that relate to future results. Such cases usually involve predicted or simulated data for planned applications. These assumptions are checked for plausibility. Verification, by contrast, is carried out on results that have already been obtained. In such cases, real data is reviewed to confirm its accuracy.
The value of statements and declarations that have been validated and verified by third parties is not just recognized by numerous legislators, but also by the companies themselves, who use them to secure competitive advantages and differentiate their brands from the competition. Verification and validation audits, on the other hand, create a basis for companies to ensure legally compliant practices and promote transparent business processes.

Conformity Assessment through Validation and Verification

Thanks to our accreditation as per DIN EN ISO/IEC 17029:2020, these processes are guaranteed in all our validation and verification services. In performing these, we place great emphasis on independence, impartiality, and professional competence.

Our Validation and Verification Services: