Ambient Measurement Services to Ensure Environmental protection

Accurate Pollution Monitoring of Air, Soil, Water, Noise & Vibration

DEKRA offers a wide range of services around a protected environment. Our measurement of air, soil and water pollution, and levels of noise in the environment helps our customers to efficiently manage any environmental risks. Our services help customers to remediate environmental issues, to mitigate impacts on brand and to ensure workers safety.

About Ambient Measurement Services

DEKRA provides accurate, detailed and independent ambient measurement services to ensure a compliance state of premises and equipment, helping our customers efficiently manage any risks to the environment. Our experts collect samples in the environment, or obtain in situ measurements, such as air, water and soil pollution and levels of noise in order to evaluate:
  • Their quality related to regulatory thresholds
  • The level of impacts
  • The efficiency of equipment and processes regarding environmental performance
We offer customers a clear and independent overview of all potential impacts. And we help them to comply with all mandatory inspections, providing measurements in the fields of:
  • Soils
  • Sub-water and groundwater
  • Sounds
  • Wind
  • Air
  • Odors