Crash Testing

At the Forefront of Automotive Crash Testing

DEKRA has been at the forefront of vehicle and road safety testing for over 90 years and we have tested vehicles in crash tests since 1978. Both in our laboratories and on the road, our testing experts design the exact methodologies needed to test products, based on exact customer specifications.

Our development and benchmarking testing (including crash testing) for manufacturers and system suppliers covers the comprehensive testing and assessments of the passive safety of all motor vehicles.

About Development & Benchmarking Testing (including Crash Testing)

At our indoor and outdoor crash test facilities, every single vehicle and required component is put to the acid test, meeting all common standards and guidelines. Our crash testing specialists with decades of experience carry out both development-accompanying and homologation crash tests on behalf of authorities and vehicle manufacturers.
We ensure that all vehicles are put through comprehensive and highly detailed crash tests, recording the collision process with high-speed cameras and analyzing data from a large number of sensors. This way, we ensure the deformation behavior of the vehicle and its safety can both be determined as accurately and as realistically as possible.
All potential safety gaps are made clearly visible from our detailed crash tests with a wide range of vehicles including cars, vans, heavy commercial vehicles, and two-wheelers. Using frontal and lateral crash test dummies, we are also able to accurately measure the potential impact on a vehicle’s occupants. DEKRA’s range of development and benchmarking testing (including crash testing) for manufacturers and system suppliers includes:
  • Standard Crash Tests - vehicles being approved within the EU and in most other countries of the world must submit to various crash scenarios and fulfill certain safety criteria
  • Consumer Crash Tests - vehicle safety and reliability plays an important part when consumers are deciding whether to buy (Euro NCAP)
  • Crash Tests for Racing – analyzing the latest challenges where the driver’s body exposed to heavy loads at high speeds
  • Crash Tests for Accident Reconstruction – how did an accident happen? Exactly what damage resulted? What caused the accident? At the DEKRA Crash Test Center our experts clarify the precise course of events surrounding an accident
  • Crash Tests on Road Equipment – on freeways, federal highways and in urban areas
  • Crash Tests for Vehicle Manufacturers and System Suppliers