Environmental & Ambient - Inspections and Measurements

Comprehensive Assessments, Ambient & Environmental Inspections Concerning Emissions & ensuring Safe Workplace & Plant

The safe operation of plant and machinery, health and safety at work and environmental protection are mission-critical factors. DEKRA experts can work with you to ensure that your operations comply with all relevant regulations and provide a safe place of work, for people and the environment.

Since 1977, DEKRA has developed a wide range of services around a safe workplace and environment. Today and tomorrow, DEKRA is your trusted environmental health and safety (EHS) partner.
DEKRA’s plant safety and environmental inspection services ensure that our customers efficiently manage any risks for workers and those related to the workplace environment. We help our customers to remediate occupational health and safety (OHS) issues, to mitigate impacts on brand and to ensure workers safety and the protection of our environment.
Our range of plant safety and environmental inspection inspection services help customers to prevent human or workplace risks and to ensure plant and safety-equipment is fully optimized, thanks to the pragmatic recommendations of our knowledgeable and experienced experts. Furthermore, we are constantly developing new digital and connected EHS services.

DEKRA’s Inspection, Measurement & Monitoring Services include in the Field of Environment & Ambient:

    • Ambient measurement services to ensure workplace safety – including accurate monitoring of indoor air pollution, chemical exposure, temperature, lighting, radiation, noise and vibration
    • Technical advisory services on safety-related equipment in the workplace related to remediation, conformity and efficiency
    • Providing customers with remote online monitoring, using the latest digital tools to ensure workplace safety
    • Digital industrial optimization services of workflow processes concerning plant safety, using innovative tools to collect and transform data into services