Technical Report

Technical Reports on Vehicle Inspections and Appraisals

Our customers rely on the neutral expert knowledge of DEKRA specialists for all questions relating to vehicle inspections, expert reports and appraisals.

We provide fast, high-quality technical report services with a passion and commitment to a client’s individual mobility and personal safety in the case of emergencies.

About Technical Report

In cases of aggregate damage, fire cause detection, theft damage, paint defects or functional failures of components, our experts will provide a comprehensive technical report for customers. In a detailed documentation, we are able to clarify specific damage correlations and shed light on your case.
Our experts provide all kinds of technical audits in different segments, giving recommendations for changes if and when necessary. We also provide a wide range of technical reports on vehicles, providing customers with maximum transparency and independent expertise.
Our technical audits and reports are a standard product for all types of vehicle damage. They are prepared for both liability and comprehensive insurance damage. DEKRA’s experts amass all the data required for the preservation of evidence and the establishment of a basis for the settlement of damage, founded on the respective private liability, liability or comprehensive insurance conditions or policies. Our technical report services include:
  • Clarification in the case of aggregate damage - we investigate aggregate damage that has occurred after a repair or a purchase of a vehicle or also due to construction errors
  • Systematic analysis of fire causes – DEKRA’s fire experts investigate widespread fires and appraise fire-damaged vehicles at home and abroad
  • Special reports - our neutral and well-founded special reports are available for actual or feigned vehicle thefts
  • Transparency in case of damage to paintwork - we determine the causes of damage to paintwork, for example due to biological or industrial influences or defects in the paint materials
In case of accident reconstructions, damage cause analyses or warranty claims are created. The evaluation of data storages in damaged vehicles is the basis for or part of accident reconstructions. Special tools are available for this purpose also for very badly damaged vehicles.