Loss Adjusting Marine

We Provide On-Site or Remote Assessment of a Marine Related Damage

Effective and efficient on-site or remote assessment of marine-related damage is key to making sure that any insurance claim is genuine. Skilled DEKRA loss adjusters use state-of-the-art tools and digital technologies to accurately investigate and evaluate liability claims according to relevant laws and regulations for well-founded conclusion.

About Loss Adjusting Marine

DEKRA’s experienced and independent marine loss adjusting specialists offer our customers an independent, globally uniform service in marine according to national law, for business products. Loss adjusting in the marine insurance industry involves the on-site assessment of a marine-related damage, that may include circumstance investigation, by our specialized experts.
From damaged goods in containers and vessels through to complex liability claims, DEKRA’s professionals offer top quality services in the marine insurance sector. When it comes to marine damages, understanding and knowledge of transportation legislation, conditions and getting all the facts are crucial. DEKRA’s team of marine specialists make sure that all of these aspects are covered with highly trained experts, modern tools and a global network. Our use of the latest innovative tools and digital technologies ensures that we keep our key customer promise. Plus, with our planning software we guarantee that there is an experienced loss adjuster at your customer within the shortest time possible.