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Lift Check App

DEKRA Lift Check App

Using standard smartphone technology, we provide a simple app for quick checks and digitalized evaluation of elevator systems.

Elevator Condition Quick Check with Lift Check App

Ensure the performance of your elevators with Lift Check App analysis

Elevator manufacturers and service companies strive to ensure the operational quality and reliability of elevator systems with established maintenance protocols. DEKRA’s Lift Check App provides a simple, intuitive solution using the sensors of standard smartphones and tablets to evaluate ride quality including incorrect travel curves, deceleration, and brake application as well as shaft and guide/rail parts in an objective way to help you determine your maintenance needs. Results of the quick diagnosis can be shared over a central server for immediate review or long-term comparison with archived reports to support uniformed company-wide quality standards.

DEKRA Lift Check App saves time and cuts costs for extra benefit

Hands holding a smartphone showing the Lift Check App

The innovative DEKRA Lift Check App is an easy-to-use monitoring tool that allows complete analysis to be carried out by instructed local staff for fast and cost-efficient analysis in a single elevator ride. Using the FFT analysis algorithm, the DEKRA Lift Check App quickly measures vibration, noise, speed, rail run and cabin lighting to provide precise and reliable quality control and condition monitoring of all elevator systems regardless of manufacturer or type. Users simply open the app on an Android or iOS smartphone and place the phone on the floor of the elevator car at some distance from the middle of the door. Within a few minutes after the completed elevator ride, a comprehensive report that can be used to implement targeted maintenance strategies is sent via email.

The DEKRA Lift Check App for elevator performance and quality assessment is part of the DEKRA portfolio dedicated to state-of-the-art digital services.

Benefits of our Lift Check App

Innovative services from your independent and experienced partner

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