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Periodical Inspection of Buildings

Periodical Inspections of Buildings

DEKRA assists our customers with periodical inspections of buildings to meet the requirements of all relevant national building laws.

The benefits you get from Periodical Inspections

  • Save money and time in carrying out periodical inspections

  • Ensure your buildings comply with all relevant construction law regulations

  • Access to specialist inspectors with all the required licenses

  • Fast and reliable service customized to meet your specific needs

  • Demonstrably meets all standards and legal requirements

Periodical Inspections of Buildings

About Periodical Inspections

After construction buildings must be officially approved by the authorities. Every owner of a building is responsible that the buildings do not pose any danger for the public. Therefore DEKRA offers a regular inspection of the buildings. Periodical inspections cover construction aspects, checking the sanitary installation and electrical measurements. DEKRA provides periodical inspections of various civil engineering structures in the construction market.

DEKRA’s construction specialists help investors comply with all necessary legal obligations in this area. Our customers receive comprehensive inspection reports with tips on how to remove identified failures which can have an influence for safety issues. We help our customers keep their facilities in good condition maintain the value of their assets.

DEKRA’s periodical inspections services include:

  • Semi-annual, annual, five-year reviews
  • Security control and technical control of the facility structure
  • Tightness and drainage control of the facility
  • Control of the sanitary installation (in Germany TEB (Technical equipment of building department) department carry out inspection)
  • Ventilation control (in Germany TEB department carry out inspection)
  • Lift control (in Germany TEB department carry out inspection)
  • Heating installation control (in Germany TEB department carry out inspection)
  • Control of gas installation and chimney flues (smoke, flue gas and ventilation along with gas tightness test and chimney sweep report) (in Germany TEB department carry out inspection)
  • Electrical measurements (in Germany TEB department carry out inspection)
  • Stability safety checks in different intensities and time intervals for building structures as well as engineering structures

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