Technical Advisory on Non-destructive Testing

Technical advice on Non-destructive Testing of Materials

DEKRA has world class expertise in the non-destructive testing of materials. We can advise your team in questions regarding management of all of your non-destructive testing activities.

About Technical Advisory

The extensive knowledge and experience about non-destructive testing of materials of our DEKRA experts, makes DEKRA a professional and trusted advisor in this field. DEKRA specialists provide you with comprehensive technical support on all phases of non-destructive testing; whether it is technical advisory on equipment and machines, analysis and evaluation of the status quo or the development of customer specific solutions.
Our non-destructive testing experts are familiar with all the latest advanced non-destructive testing methods and can offer you further advice, including:
  • Education and trainings
  • Technical consultancy for legal regulations and standards
  • Technical consultancy for workflows and processes
  • Technical consultancy for accepted design solutions
  • Remote online monitoring of your equipment
  • Digital industrialization optimization services