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Management & Governance

Management and Governance

Our sustainability strategy is integrated step-by-step and systematically into all standards and processes of the company. As we at DEKRA live sustainability in a holistic way, we support throughout the group that the processes and guidelines are consistently implemented in all departments - irrespective of the hierarchical level. For us sustainability also implies values such as compliance, integrity and ethical behaviour. All this increases our credibility and trustworthiness and at the same time makes us a valued contact for decision-makers, organisations and institutions at international level.

Transparent Holding

As an expert organisation, we not only want to be seen as a transparent and reliable partner in our services, but also to be transparent towards our stakeholders and inform them about our commitment to sustainability. This also includes openly communicating our goals, services and measures. For example, DEKRA reports in accordance with the Sustainability Code (DNK) and regularly publishes a sustainability magazine in which the orientation, goals, progress and activities in the field of sustainability are communicated to the outside world. Through these various measures we want to set an example and create the basis for a good exchange with our stakeholders.


Regular exchange with our stakeholders is an important element of our sustainability management. We maintain an intensive dialogue with the relevant stakeholders and involve them in the ongoing development of our commitment to sustainability. In our stakeholder surveys we ask about the relevance of the various sustainability issues. In addition, we wanted to know what effects the stakeholders ascribe to DEKRA in the specific subject areas.

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