DEKRA Certificates and Marks of Conformity

You can rely on Safety and Trust by DEKRA

Our certificates confirm that an assessment or audit has been carried out according to a defined criterion and passed successfully. The assessment criteria are stated on the certificate. The marks of conformity and certificates we issue are a strong marketing instrument and our well-reputed DEKRA name stands for safety and trust.
At DEKRA, we have almost one hundred years of experience in testing and certification. Our experts issue a wide range of certifications and marks of conformity to clients demonstrating that safety, performance, and quality standards have been met within a product, service or system.
Both certificates and marks of conformity are visible proof that a successful certification, assessment or testing has taken place and passed with positive results. At a glance, recognized marks of conformity serve as the validation that an independent third party has verified compliance with the applicable safety and specific quality characteristics of a product, service, or system.
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