Wireless Testing

Ensure your wireless products and devices including radio modules connect, interoperate and perform properly

DEKRA’s wireless testing specialists ensure your products connect and interoperate with each other and that they use their radio capabilities properly, according to national and international standards.

About Wireless Testing

DEKRA’s wireless testing specialists are experienced and knowledgeable experts, there to make sure your wireless products connect properly and that they use their radio capabilities appropriately. Connectivity and wireless testing services are necessary to ensure that our customers’ products function properly and that they work as they were designed to do.
Guaranteeing regulatory requirements does not always mean that a product is functioning properly or that it is interoperable with all other devices that it needs to connect to. Many radio technologies, for example, will have a standard list of requirements that products must meet in order to state that they use a particular technology. This is why all products that use a radiofrequency interface need to comply with functional, interoperability and field trials requirements beyond basic regulatory requirements in order for manufacturers to guarantee that their products are able to connect to and be fully functional with other products or public networks
DEKRA’s thorough and globally-recognized wireless and connectivity testing allows our customers to enter to more markets and for their products to be clearly marked as a 'compatible' device to reassure users.
Technical knowledge of testing methods

Broad and deep technical knowledge of testing methods and standards, including performance test tools developed in-house and recognized by network operators worldwide.

Wireless and interoperability testing

Broad range of wireless and interoperability testing services and deep knowledge in wireless networks.

Comprehensive service portfolio

Comprehensive service portfolio including an additional offering of regulatory services.

On-site testing

We offer on-site testing, at your premises, as well as training services to help you gain a competitive edge.