Emission Tests

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DEKRA provides emission checks whether mandatory or not depending on the local regulations, that can also be combined with a safety inspection.

You are selling your car and want to reassure the buyer of the condition of the car? Do you want peace of mind about the level of pollution of your own car? Do you have to do a mandatory emission check?

In our branches, our trained and accredited inspectors inspect your vehicle accurately with state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality processes.

The value added of emission checks :

With the emission test, DEKRA ensures that the exhaust emissions of petrol engines with regulated or unregulated catalytic converters as well as diesel engines meet the reference values using state-of-the-art gas analyzers and opacimeters.

These measures may also be completed with an electronic check via on-board diagnostics.

Thanks to these tests, any deviations in the vehicle’s exhaust behavior is identified and eliminating these defects is an important contribution to the reduction of emissions and the prevention of pollution.

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