Emission Tests

DEKRA is the World Leader in Vehicle Emission Testing

With over 95 years of experience in vehicle inspection and an international presence in 20 countries, DEKRA is the world leader in testing vehicle emissions, helping to protect both road users and the environment worldwide. DEKRA provides customers with emission checks which are often combined with a thorough safety inspection of a vehicle.

DEKRA emission tests ensure that the exhaust emissions of the vehicles over the vehicle lifetime meet the reference values. This reference is in most of cases the level the vehicle had at the homologation date.
DEKRA experienced vehicle inspectors can inspect all road vehicles accurately with state-of-the-art equipment and the highest-quality processes. These measures may also be completed with an electronic check via on-board diagnostics.
We are constantly working with national and international authorities and institutions to improve emissions testing and adapt it to the technical conditions of modern vehicles. For example, introducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) and Particle numbers (PN) measurements.
DEKRA’s emission check specialists offer customers the following services and benefits:
  • With the emission test, DEKRA ensures that the exhaust emissions of all vehicles on the road meet the reference values using state-of-the-art equipment
  • These measures may also be completed with an electronic check via On Board Diagnostics
  • Thanks to these tests, any deviation in the vehicle exhaust system is identified and eliminating these defects participate in the reduction of emissions and the prevention of pollution
  • We offer convenient and flexible solutions to our professional customers to optimize downtime, to make the different stages easier from the appointment to the invoicing, and to ensure the proper condition of the commercial vehicle and the driver