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Document Check

Verification of Cost Estimates, External Expert Appraisals or Repair Invoices

Our customers rely on the neutral expert knowledge of DEKRA specialists for all questions relating to vehicle inspections, expert reports and appraisals.

We provide fast, high-quality document check services with a passion and commitment to a client’s individual mobility and personal safety in the case of emergencies.

The benefits you get from Document Check

  • Fast, comprehensive and high-quality document checking services

  • Verification of cost estimates, external expert appraisals or repair invoices

  • Cost-efficient electronic document checks for insurance companies

  • Correction proposals and recommendations for actions

Document Check

About Document Check

Our document checks are a standard product for all types of vehicle damage, providing insurance companies with cost-efficient verification and electronic document checks of cost estimates, external expert appraisals or repair invoices. They are prepared for both liability and comprehensive insurance damage in the automotive sector.

DEKRA’s document check service consists of two stages. In the first stage, the document is checked digitally. Then, in the second stage, an expert makes further corrections that go beyond the computerized check. Level one can be applied separately or in combination with level two.

Documents are checked for technical compliance and, if necessary, correction proposals and recommendations for action are made. The scope of document checks includes criteria such as incidental costs, transport costs, retail price surcharges, hourly rates, replacement value, diminution in value, residual value, repair time and replacement time.

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