Non-periodical Inspections of Electrical Installations

Ensure compliance and conformity with safety requirements of your installations

DEKRA is a leading global provider of electrical installation inspections. In many countries, DEKRA operates as an accredited body or with specially authorized electrical inspectors to carry out mandatory initial inspections and non-periodic inspections of electrical installations.

About Non-Periodical Inspections of Electrical Installations and Equipment

DEKRA’s non-periodical inspections service allows our customers to ensure their electrical installations meet all the necessary regulatory requirements, ensuring the safety of their employees. Electrical installations include all electrical equipment used for the production, conversion, distribution or use of electrical energy.
If your electrical installation is new or has undergone major modifications and must be connected to your national energy supplier's grid, it is necessary to provide it with a certificate of conformity.
The customer’s schedule is also our schedule, with DEKRA’s electrical installation experts guaranteeing our customers a definitive connection to the network as soon as possible.

Mandatory Initial Inspection of Electrical Installations

DEKRA checks permanent or temporary electrical installations when they are commissioned or after they have undergone a structural modification to ensure that they comply with the mandatory safety requirements for initial inspection.
The initial inspection of electrical installations concerns the modification of:
  • The diagram of the ground connections
  • The short-circuit power of the source
  • The distribution circuits
  • The creation or redevelopment of a part of the installation
This verification is essential as it provides an assessment on the conformity of the installation.