Mast & Poles Inspection

Utilizing the mastap Method for Reliable Stability Testing

With the increasing occurrence of storms and severe weather conditions, it is essential to safeguard not only roofs but also free-standing infrastructure such as lighting, traffic light, electricity, radio masts, and telecom line. As an owner, you carry the responsibility for the condition of your masts, and it is crucial to assess and implement the necessary safety measures to prevent potential incidents & damage. The owner or responsible decision-maker bears the responsibility for taking appropriate measures to ensure the stability of these structures.

The benfits of Mast & Poles Inspection

  • Testing by recognized, independent experts: Our inspections are conducted by using a specifically developed analytic device, providing you with reliable and unbiased results.
  • Minimization of liability risks: By undergoing regular mast testing, you reduce your liability risks and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining safe and compliant infrastructure.
  • Avoidance of downtimes: Timely inspections help identify defects and maintenance needs, allowing you to address them proactively and avoid costly downtimes caused by unexpected failures.
  • Non-destructive testing: Our inspection process is non-destructive, ensuring that your mast's functionality and traffic flow remain undisturbed during the assessment.
  • Cost security through timely detection: By detecting defects and maintenance needs in a timely manner, you can plan and budget for necessary repairs, preventing unexpected financial burdens.
  • International availability of DEKRA Testing Services: Benefit from DEKRA's widespread presence and global expertise, ensuring consistent and high-quality testing services wherever you are.
Masts and poles fall down due to degradation over time and their inability to withstand regular wind forces. To address this, mast testing is essential to identify weaknesses. Additionally, various factors such as age, environmental impacts, or inadvertent ground modifications can significantly affect the stability of masts and poles, often remaining undetected through visual inspection alone. With changing weather circumstances, masts and poles become more susceptible to higher forces. Therefore, it is important to focus on extreme weather situations while also considering the normal aging process. Regular inspections and timely maintenance play a critical role in ensuring the stability and safety of infrastructure for cities and municipalities.
DEKRA employs the advanced mastap measuring method, providing reliable and non-destructive testing for masts. This innovative approach involves inducing vibrations in the mast and determining its natural frequency. By comparing the actual and target values, our experts can identify weak points and potential damage, enabling a dependable prognosis of the mast's stability from top to bottom.

DEKRA's comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Performance of mast tests based on DIN 1076 criteria: Our inspections adhere to the established standards, ensuring accurate and thorough evaluations.
  • Determination of stability, Anchorage Strength, and Service Life: We assess the overall stability and anchorage strength of your mast, providing valuable insights into its lifespan.
  • Inventory and advice: Our experts can assist you in creating an inventory of your infrastructure and provide expert advice on maintenance and improvement strategies.
  • Determination of inspection intervals: We help you establish appropriate inspection intervals, ensuring that your mast and poles remain in optimal condition throughout their lifespan.
  • Testing of climbing equipment: We also offer assessments of climbing equipment such as ladders, ensuring the safety of those accessing the mast.
  • Testing of fall arresters: Our services extend to evaluating fall arresters, further enhancing the overall safety of your mast and poles.
  • At DEKRA, we are committed to helping you maintain safe and stable mast and pole structures. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and ensure the integrity of your infrastructure.