CE Certification for Machinery and Equipment

Certification of Machinery and Equipment and of Industrial Lifting Equipment

Assisting manufacturers with certification of machinery and equipment and industrial lifting equipment in accordance with all relevant directives.

About Certification of Lifting Equipment

All manufacturers of machinery and equipment must ensure their products fulfil essential safety requirements in relevant directives before signing the declaration of conformity and placing the product on the European market. There are mandatory requirements to involve a notified body in the design and manufacturing process. With DEKRA’s notified body services related to machinery and industrial lifting equipment, we help manufacturers to fulfil the mandatory assessment and inspection requirements within all relevant directives.
CE Certification Service includes a part of the conformity assessment procedure regulated by the Machine Directive for Machinery listed in Annex IV by a notified body. To fulfill European regulations the manufacturer has to undertake a conformity assessment procedure. For the machinery listed in Annex IV in most cases an EU Type Examination has to be done by a notified body with the right scope of notification.
For Annex IV machinery the CE Certification that is provided by the notified bodies, located in Germany, France, Netherlands and Sweden is focused to for EC-Type examinations for machinery with a high risk of hazardous accidents that is:
  • Machinery for lifting persons or persons and goods with a risk of falling down more than 3 meters includes lifts in buildings with speed up to 0.15 m/s or for cleaning glass roof or facades, mobile working platforms, stationary lifting platforms, storage and retrieval systems such as lifts connected to cranes, windmills.
  • Selected machinery for woodworking and forestry
  • Selected machinery for metal forming and cutting such as presses and saws
  • Vehicle service lifts, garbage trucks, underground working machinery
  • Injection and compression molding machinery with manual loading or unloading
  • Removable mechanic transmission devices or moveable guards for selected machinery
  • Safety devices and logic devices to ensure safety function
  • Protective structures against roll-over and falling objects
For non-Annex IV machinery DEKRA’s experts provide the following services of 2nd party inspection and advisory:
  • Risk assessment according to EN or ISO Standards
  • Design review or partial design service
  • Assisting on technical documents, manuals, instructions and risk analysis
  • Different kinds of tests and reports (also for existing equipment)
  • Expediting type tests
In addition, on stationary lifts for transport persons or persons and goods that are under regulation of the Machinery Directive the inspections on building sites as needed under the Lift Directive for each piece of equipment are not proceeded by notified bodies and are in scope of national regulations, done in most cases as a 3rd party service by an approved inspection body.